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A New Technology for Valets - Why Now? Why Texting?

Why are valet companies adjusting operations by incorporating texting into their parking process now? Is it the cost of technology? Or is it the people who use that technology? Is it both?  

Though there have been few advances in the way a car or even a horse is valet parked in the last hundred plus years, we are starting to see some changes.  Historically, you drive or ride up to the valet stand... Read More

A Special Touch of Luxury... Texting ahead for your car

We are proud to welcome the newest member of the time-saving luxury brands, Snap Valet.  We provide a luxury experience while handing you and your guest the most precious gift available… time.  Now the valet can anticipate your arrival and retrieve your vehicle before you arrive.  Waiting outside the restaurant, hotel lobby, or your favorite country club is reserved for old school, inefficient valet companies.  You no longer have to be the victim of... Read More

How To Pick A Text Ahead Service For Your Valet Company

The valet industry is in the process of dramatic changes. With the increase of smart phones and texting, there are new, more efficient and fun ways to call up your vehicle. These systems allow your customers to notify the valet that they need their car before they get to the valet booth. The benefit is two-fold: 1) the valet can anticipate when the client is going to arrive so they don’t have to rush for the car avoiding backups and lines, or 2) the customer is happy because they are not waiting as long in the elements for their vehicle. This is especially important if the car is parked a good distance away. Additionally... Read More

3 Valet Locations Perfect For Texting Technology 

As text messaging becomes more and more popular in the parking industry, companies are looking to see if their locations are an option for this upgrade. They are asking questions like: will it work in my location, is my clientele savvy enough to use this type of technology, or how will this help my particular service or niche. Here are three very different locations that a text technology would improve your customer experience... Read More

Why Add A Text Ahead Service To A Valet Parking Service

With over 80% of the world texting, how can valet companies harness this technology for their benefit? The valet industry is one that has been around for years and yet hasn’t changed much as technology has progressed. We still hand the valet the keys to the car while they hand us a ticket. The process has been the same for the last 75+ years.

There have been some successful attempts to add technology to this industry, but they were limited due to a couple of reasons. First, most valet services are small and have limited capital. They don’t have the finances to spend on an expensive system that requires purchasing high-end electronic equipment. Second... Read More

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