A Short Dramatized Story...

  Two ladies, Silvia and Marisa, are out having dinner with their separate groups of friends.  Silvia’s group went to Freddy’s Fine Dining while Marisa’s group chose Billy’s Bistro.  Both ladies valet their cars.

  Now, let’s skip ahead to the end of dinner.  It’s time to pay the bill and brave the elements outside while the valets retrieve the cars.

  In the check presenter, Marisa notices a black and gold sticker giving her the option to text the ticket number to have her car brought up. Marisa sends the text. The only thing Silvia sees in her bill presenter is the bill. 

 Both parties pay and head for the valet at the same time.

  Marisa walks outside and finds her car waiting for her with a smiling valet standing beside the door.  After leaving a generous tip, Marisa and her girls finish the evening on a high.  The COOL factor.   

  Meanwhile, over at Freddy’s, Silvia and her friends are still standing outside in the cold waiting for their car.  Another five minutes pass and finally a stressed, flustered valet hands over the keys.  After Silvia reluctantly pays the valet the minimum tip, she drives off frustrated. The evening is ruined! 



What made the difference?


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