How does Snap Valet work?

Step 1

Your customer is ready to leave and texts the ticket number to Snap Valet’s central number.

Step 2

Snap Valet receives the ticket number and identifies the location and the valet on duty.

Step 3

Snap Valet sends the ticket number to the valet’s phone. The valet  retrieves the car.


Snap Valet uses a proprietary patent pending system that allows your customers to text their ticket number to the valet just before they arrive at the booth.

Snap Valet protects both the valet and the customer by never allowing either party to obtain the other’s personal phone number.  The system acts as the intermediary protecting that information.

The owner/supervisor of the valet company adds registered phone numbers to the system that are authorized to receive customer text messages. More than one phone number can be active at each location if the valet company wishes. This can either be the valet's personal phone, the supervisor's phone, or a company phone.

To activate or deactivate a registered phone, a text is sent from the registered phone to Snap Valet.  Snap Valet will instantly change to the requested setting.  As your valet's shift changes, a simple text can be sent to activate the registered phone of the valet now on duty, or deactivate the phone of the valet whose shift is ending.

Only preregistered phone numbers can be activated.  Phone numbers can be edited at any time.

Every ticket number that comes through our system is logged.  At your request, we will provide for you a report detailing the location, ticket number, date and time the system was used.


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